Animal head masks

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Zebra-MorphsuitThese creepily realistic animal head masks are sure to freak the hell out of anyone nearby. The super realistic animal head masks look incredibly freaky and are sure to be a big hit at your next music festival. These animal head masks are the perfect addition to your festival get up, whether its just an addition to your usual festival wear, or whether you have transformed yourself into a hybrid animal head – human by combining an awesome morph suit with the animal head mask to create an awesome and attention demanding outfit, as pictured above where a festival fanatic has done so with a zebra head and a zebra morph suit. If a Zebra head mask isn’t quite the beast you are after we also have Chimps, Horses, Unicorns, Evil Unicorns, Zebras, Pigeons, Pugs, Giraffes, Pandas, Rabbits, tigers and even Yoda if that’s what you are looking for. These masks easily fit most head sizes and have holes in place for breathing and to view out of and are made of non toxic latex materials. So if you really want to stand out at your next festival, These high quality latex masks are sure to both amuse and freak out the surrounding festival goers all night as you dance the night away! Check out some of our other awesome gear available in store. We have everything from singlets for guys to light up LED gear and EL Wire gear, Crazy EL Wire masks, Kandi Cuffs, Kandi Masks and Kandi Necklaces. As well as sexy girls outfits, sexy leggings,  UV reactive Tops and Make up, what ever you are after you are sure to find  something you will love, right here at Festival Fanatics!e

Cardinal-Mask Chimp-Mask evil-unicorn Giraffe-Mask

Horse-Mask Panda-Mask Pigeaon-MaskPug-Mask

Rabbit-Mask Squirrel-Mask Tiger-MaskUnicorn-Mask

Wolf-Mask Zebra-MaskLion-MaskYoda-Mask