Celebrity Masks

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These creepily realistic celebrity face masks are sure to freak the F%#$ out of anyone nearby. The photo realistic celebrity masks look incredibly real and are contoured in shape so they have a 3D effect, one of the contributing factors to their freakiness. These Celebrity masks are the perfect addition to your festival get up, or since they are so lightweight just great to have handy when you want to freak people out. They come in many celebrities, such as: Queen Elizibeth, Justin Beiber, Will Smith, Vladimir Putin, Prince Harry, Johnny Depp, David Hasselhoff, Robert Pattinson, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Borat, Barrack Obama, George W Bush, Will.i.am, The entire crew of One Direction, David Beckham, Gungnam Styles – PSY, Angelina Jolie, the incredibly freaky Mr Bean, Breaking Bads Heisenberg and many more.  So you are struggling with what to wear why not grab a bunch, and see how many people you can freak out at your next festival. These hilarious celebrity masks are easy to chuck on, held in place by an elastic strap to hold it in place. Dance away all night and watch people constantly double taking, as you are sure to both scare and amuse fellow festival goers at your next event.
Will-Smith-Mask Will.i.am-Mask Vladimir-Putin-Mask Robert-Pattinson-mask PSY-Gangnam-Style-Mask Prince-Harry-mask One-Direction-mask Mr-Bean-Mask Masks-The-Queen Justin-Bieber-mask Johnny-Depp-mask David-Hasselhoff-mask Breaking-Bad-mask-Heisenberg Borat-Mask Barack-Obama-mask