Cool Shades

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Get up – Check! Awesome crew – Check!  Cool shades…. Never fear, Festival Fanatics is here! With a massive range of awesome festival sunnies to choose from! If there’s one essential item for festivals its cool shades, and footwear… and yeah well there are a few essentials, but your festival sunnies is definitely one of them. So check out our huge range of sunnies available we have a massive range for both guys and girls in all sorts of styles so there’s sure to be something for you to keep the sun away from those precious retinas. Be sun smart and look after ur self and your google balls at your next festival by grabbing a pair or 2 or a few matching for your entire crew! We’ve got heaps of other gear that will go awesome with our sunnies, check out our awesome chief indian headdress or wide range of kandi gear, such as our kandi masks ranging from scary to cool to super cute, we have bracelets, Kandi cuffs, awesome girls festival clothing including amazing and unique 2 piece festival outfits, crazy Morph Suits and much much more! So have a browse and check out all the awesome festival and rave gear available here and festival fanatics!
wood-wayfarer-Sunglasses Vintage-style-Sunglasses USA-Flag-AVIATOR-SUNGLASSES sunset-aviator-festival-Sunglasses sunglass-junkie-festival-wayfarer Stella-McCartney-Keyhole-Bridge-Sunglasses smoke-heart-Sunglasses Rainbow-wayfarer-Sunglasses Police-Mens-Fine-Wayfarer-green Police-Mens-Fine-Wayfarer pink-heart-Sunglasses orange-lens-festival-Sunglasses Orange-heart-Sunglasses Mirror-Sunglasses john-lennon-style-sunglasses I-Love-House-music-Sunglasses folding-wayfarer-sunglasses festival-Aviator-sunglasses-Set-purple festival-Aviator-sunglasses-Set-Orange festival-Aviator-sunglasses-Set-mixed festival-Aviator-sunglasses Blue-orange-flip-out-Sunglasses blue-mirror-festival-Sunglasses blue-heart-Sunglasses Blue-green-orange-flip-out-Sunglasses Aqua-mirror-festival-Sunglasses aqua-heart-Sunglasses 8-Bit-Pixel-Sunglasses