Cute Bags

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Seriously, there aren’t many things cuter than wearing Pikachu, Hello Kitty, a little blue monster, One Piece’s Chopper, Barney the dinosaur, Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, Donkey Kong, Domo kun, a turtles shell or a even an adorable tiger head on your back. Check out these awesomely cute bags ready to not only get you some serious props and make you look awesome, but also to carry all your festival and rave gear. There are a huge range to choose from so you are bound to find something for you. All these bags come from quality designers such as Leg Avenues, famous for their awesome rave gear. These fluffy cute backpacks are sure to turn heads and will match perfectly with some of our fluffies, spirit hoods and wide range of kandi accessories, like our kandi masks and kandi cuffs, so check them out and put together your cutest festival masterpiece yet. These super cute bags are perfect for all your rave and festival accessories.  They have adjustable straps, and most importantly are insanely cute! Chuck it on with an awesome festival outfit and any of the other awesome gear weve got available for you here at Festival Fanatics and you will be sure to be a hit at your next festival or rave!

Rainbow-Monster-Backpack Pink-Plush-backpack pikachu-backpack HelloKitty-backpack turtle-shell-backpack Tiger-Head-backpackAdventure-Time-Finn-BackpackAdventure-Time-Jake-Backpackcookie-monster-backpackDespicabe-Me-minion-BackpackDespicable-Me-BackpackDespicable-Me-Purple-Minion-Evil-Tim-BackpackDomo-backpackDonkey-Kong-BackpackKoopa-BackpackMickey-BackpackSesame-Street-Elmo-backpackSuper-Mario-Bros-BackpackSuper-Mario-Goomba-BackpackWhite-Tiger-Backpack