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 deadmau5-CubeJoel Thomas Zimmerman, or as hes famously known as Deadmau5, the Canadian Electro / House / Progressive House / Electronica / Subliminal / (You name it he’s done it, and dominated at it) Producer and performer has been tearing up shows at all the major festivals for years now, half the time head lining them. With a mass amount of hits like Faxing Berlin, I remember, Hi Friend, Ghosts N Stuff, the Massive Strobe, The Veldt, Professional Griefers, There might be Coffee, Suckfest, and more recently, Avaratia, Seeya and the incredible chilled masterpiece Pets. Want to show of the mad respect you have for your favourite artist Deadmau5? What better way is there to do it, and meet like minded people rockin some awesome Deadmau5 merch, like an awesome deadmau5 snapback cap, deadmau5 belt, a heap of awesome deadmau5 shirts are available, deadmau5 beanies, deadmau5 watches, deadmau5 bracelets, or if you want to go all out: how about some gear to make your own Deadmau5 Helmet? Grab the gear here and follow one of the video instructions here, too easy. So if you really want to leave an impression and show support your support for deadmau5 and get props all day from other Mau5 fans, look no further, because We’re gathered up all the Deadmau5 gear and accessories imaginable, here at Festival Fanatics! Check out our other huge range of awesome festival and rave gear available. We have everything from Indian headdresses, to sexy outfits for girls, Morphsuits to light up gear and accessories. What ever you are after you are sure to find something you will love, right here at Festival Fanatics!
Still unsure what to deck your self out with, sit back and refresh the mind with our huge range of amazing festival videos like the aftermovies and DJ sets from festivals like Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland!
Deadmau5-sound-activated-LED-T-shirt Deadmau5-Snapback-Hat Deadmau5-Peruvian-Hat Deadmau5-Neon-Logos-Seatbelt-Belt Deadmau5-Multicolor-Head-T-shirt deadmau5-metal-green-dot-Wallet Deadmau5-Logo-Bracelet deadmau5-Glow-In-The-Dark-Wallet Deadmau5 Two Colored Heads Slim Fit T-shirt Neff-Neffmau5-Deadmau5-Stylish Watch Deadmau5-The-Veldt-Slim-Fit-T-shirt Deadmau5-Stencil-T-shirt


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