Fire Poi

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Fire-Poi-spinnerShow of your Sick Poi skills with this awesome set of Fire Poi! These awesome fire poi from Flames N Games are made of the highest quality whicks, bearings and materials. They have 65mm Burners have been tested for perfectly length chain that has been nickel plated to ensure it is super strong and will not rust. Great care has been taken to reduce any unnecessary or exposed metal parts and so the special nut & bolt system we use has counter sunk heads which sink in the fire wicks to minimize the risk of burns, making our fire poi the safest you can find. The bearing used are incredible smooth and extremely strong making even the most technical and fast moves much easier & safer. These poi even come with an awesome little carry bag to hold your poi in between twirling! If you aren’t quite up to to stage where you think you should be playing with fire, check out our awesome and vibrant angel poi or LED Poi, great for practising and maybe a little less intimidating than fire poi. Maybe a little more suitable to take to your next festival too! Check them out and the rest our awesome range of festival and rave essentials here at festival fanatics!

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