Friendship Bracelet

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Heading to your next Rave or Festival with your bestie? How else to show your love for your festy besty than with an absolutely gorgeous leather friendship bracelet each to rock out with together at your next festival. These beautifully designed friendship bracelets have been hand crafted and look so cute and unique so you definitely won’t look like someone following the crowd with generic looking crap. These bracelets are made from high quality leather and materials and come in a massive range of designs and colors so you are sure to find something for you and your besty that will match your outfits perfectly! We have sets that come in three piece, four piece and 5 piece bracelets all with their own unique style and theme such as love, peace, infinity, crosses, hippy, nature, naughty, skulls, combinations and many more. These leather friendship bracelets have a real free spirited look about them and their durability and robustness means they’re awesome not only just for that special day but  for every day wear, as a reminder of the awesome time you and your besty had together! We have a massive range of other awesome festival clothes and accessories to match with these bracelets such as our amazingly sexy girls festival outfits that come in 2-piece and just the bras, or why not match with some of our awesome Light up accessories, fluffies, spirit hoods or kandi gear? There’s so much to choose from so sit back and have a browse at out huge collection of awesome rave and festival gear, here at Festival Fanatics!

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shambhala-bracelet Peace-gem-bracelet Peace-bracelet laughing-budha-bracelet  festival-heart-leather-bracelet crystal-Ball-bracelet Colorful-hearts-bracelet colorful-beads-bracelet blue-steel-shambhala-bracelet Angel-wing-bracelet 5-piece-leather-bracelet-skulls 5-piece-leather-bracelet-rainbow-mix 5-piece-leather-bracelet-owl-peace-pink 5-piece-leather-bracelet-owl-music-infinity 5-piece-leather-bracelet-dream-travel 5-piece-leather-bracelet-best-friend-owl 5-piece-leather-bracelet-best-friend 4-piece-leather-bracelet-white 4-piece-leather-bracelet-pink 3pce-leather-bracelet-skull

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