Indian Chief Headdress

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Indian-Headdress-purpleThese original Beautifully Hand crafted Chief Indian Headdresses surely will have you standing out from the crowd. These vibrantly colored feather Indian headdresses are made utilising all real feathers as well as real leather and are certain to turn heads. These head pieces are perfect for music festivals with its vibrant colours and extreme high quality and design. This is one amazing Indian Headdress unlike any others you will find. The war-bonnets fit on the head of anyone because it uses comfortable leather pouch that is easily adjustable to any head size. Due to each Chief Headdress being hand crafted utilising real feathers, there can be extremely little colour change between the feathers, keeping the overall look consistent and stunning. This is also true for the coloured beads over the forehead area. The overall length of the headpiece ranges between all the awesome variants. Ranging from 65cm to a massive 130cm! These come in a huge range of amazing colors such as pure white, white/yellow/red combo, green, dark green, turquoise, dark blue, vivid purple, orange and even pink! This product can be shipped very quickly once ordered, using DHL International Express, which only takes from 5-10 days when using Expedited International Shipping to be delivered to your door. We are confident you will absolutely love your new Indian Chief Headdress! If you want to stand out from the crowd at your next festival, dress up party, or potentially any occasion, you cant walk past this incredible head turning piece of eye candy. Match it with some of our other funky gear here at Festival Fanatics, we have a massive range of awesome festival and rave gear to deck yourself out in! Why not match one with some of our awesome range of Kandi gear available? We have awesome Kandi Masks, Kandi Cuffs, and other tasty looking Kandi! Awesome Morph Suits Plus our huge range of sexy womens outfits! still looking for ideas? why not sit back and watch our massive range of awesome festival aftermovies and DJ sets from Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival to get you pumped up! What ever your after we’ve got you covered, right here at Festival Fanatics!

65cm Green Indian Headdress
indian-chief-green-side indian-chief-green-front-close indian-chief-green-front indian-chief-green
Buy 65cm Green Indian Headdress

75cm Dark Green Indian Headdress
Buy 75cm Dark Green Indian Headdress

90cm Dark Green Indian Headdress
Indian Chief HeaddressCool Indian HeaddressIndian Chief feathersAwesome Indian Headdress
Buy 90cm Green Indian Headdress

95cm Elegant Dark Green / Black Indian Headdress
90cm Dark Green Indian Headdress Indian-headdress-front Indian-headdress-front-chief Indian-headdress-side
Buy 95cm Elegant Dark Green Indian Headdress

130cm Green Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress indian-chief-headdress-green indian-chief-headdress-green-front indian-chief-headdress-green-side
Buy 130cm Green Indian Headdress

95cm Elegant Dark Green / Black Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-dark-green indian-chief-headdress-dark-green-front indian-chief-headdress-dark-green-side indian-chief-headdress-dark-side
Buy 130cm Elegant Dark Green / Black Indian Headdress

65cm Red Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-pink indian-chief-headdress-pink-front indian-chief-headdress-pink-front-close indian-chief-headdress-pink-side
Buy 65cm Red Indian Headdress

95cm Red Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-red-front indian-chief-headdress-red-front-close indian-chief-headdress-red-side indian-chief-red-side
Buy 95cm Red Indian Headdress

65cm White with Black Tips Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-white indian-chief-headdress-white-back indian-chief-headdress-white-front indian-chief-headdress-white-side
Buy 65cm White with Black Tips Indian Headdress

90cm White Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-side indian-chief-headdress-white indian-chief-headdress-white-front indian-chief-headdress-white-side
Buy 90cm White Indian Headdress

130cm White Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-all-white indian-chief-headdress-white indian-chief-headdress indian-chief-headdress
Buy 130cm White Indian Headdress

65cm White / Yellow / Red Indian Headdress
indian-chief-yellow-white-red-side-headdress indian-chief-yellow-white-red-side indian-chief-yellow-white-red-front-close indian-chief-yellow-white-red-front
Buy 65cm White Yellow Red Indian Headdress

90cm White / Yellow / Red Indian Headdress
White Yellow Red Indian Headdress Indian-headdress Indian-headdress-rainbow Indian-headdress
Buy 90cm White Yellow Red Indian Headdress

65cm Purple Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-purple-side indian-chief-headdress-purple-front-close indian-chief-headdress-purple-front indian-chief-headdress-purple
Buy 65cm Purple Indian Headdress

95cm Purple Indian Headdress
Buy 95cm Purple Indian Headdress

130cm Purple Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress chief-headdress-purple- indian-headdress-purple-front indian-chief-headdress
Buy 130cm Purple Indian Headdress

65cm Pure White Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-pure-white-side indian-chief-headdress-pure-white-front indian-chief-headdress-pure-white-back indian-chief-headdress-pure-white
Buy 65cm Pure White Indian Headdress

90cm Pure White Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress-all-white-oblique-front indian-chief-headdress-all-white-oblique indian-chief-headdress-all-white-back indian-chief-headdress-all-white
Buy 90cm Pure White Indian Headdress

Light Blue / Black Indian Headdress
Buy Light Blue / Black Indian Headdress

90cm Light Blue Indian Headdress
Buy 90cm Light Blue Indian Headdress

130cm Light Blue Indian Headdress
Buy 130cm Light Blue Indian Headdress



75cm Orange Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress indian-chief-headdress Indian-headdress Indian-headdress
Buy 75cm Orange Indian Headdress

95cm Orange Indian Headdress
indian-chief-headdress indian-headdress indian-chief-headdress indian-chief-headdress
Buy 75cm Orange Indian Headdress

75cm Blue Indian Headdress
Indian-headdress indian-headdress indian-headdress Indian-headdress
Buy 75cm Blue Indian Headdress

90cm Blue Indian Headdress
Indian-chief-headdress Indian-headdress Indian-chief-headdress Indian-chief-headdress
Buy 90cm Blue Indian Headdress

130cm Blue Indian Headdress
indian-headdress indian-headdress indian-headdress indian-headdress
Buy 130cm Blue Indian Headdress

90cm Pink Indian Headdress
Indian-chief-headdress-pink Indian-chief-headdress-pink-front Indian-chief-headdress-pink-side pink-Indian-chief-headdress
Buy 90cm Pink Indian Headdress