Kandi Cuff

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Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. These are the ideals of ravers and festival goers all over the world. Taking from the consciousness revolution pioneers of the 60s generation, It is still strong in current generations. The Idea of PLUR is not known by the rest of society all that well. Maybe one day, these ideas of peace, love, unity, and respect will be evidenced as a societal reality where one small group here or there will not be the only one proclaiming them. Only good can come from an understanding and living of peace, love, unity, and respect. Until then We can spread the word through these amazing Kandi Cuffs, gorgeously hand crafted in the United States. These Kandi cuffs come in a huge range of vibrant colours and styles. We have batman Kandi Cuff, Mario, Mario Mushroom, Pikachu, Electric Daisy Carnival, Deadmau5 to go with your other deadmau5 merch, hello kitty, coming in standard style as well as a glow in the dark range. These Kandi cuffs match perfectly with a kandi mask and any of our other kandi gear available.  The super gorgeous and eye catching patterns are sure to demand attention at your next rave or festival. Have a browse and check out some of the amazingly unique festival outfits ready to be decked out with this awesome kandi gear here, all available right here at Festival Fanatics!
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