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kandi-mask-Sexy Want to really stand out at your next Festival or Rave? then check out all the awesomely designed Kandi Bead Masks available. Surely one of them is right for you. Who’s the most infectious character to come out of Japan? Hello Kitty of course!, and now you can appropriately or inappropriately however you look at it, wrap her around your face! This vibrant and stunning Kandi Mask is sure to turn head at your next festival or rave. Get your funky feline on and show off your love for the Japanese icon that has taken over the world with her infectious cuteness! Or there is the original Batman Kandi Mask, amazingly hand crafted, rocking the comic book style batman symbol in eye catching yellow and black. Theres also Bane and the Joker Masks available so you can go as the entire Superhero and villain crew. We have a wide range of Wolf style kandi bead masks. This look really stands out and demands attention, coming in a wide range of eye catching colours to suit whatever your style. Then there the in your face Rainbow Rage Bead mask, probably the most bold look in the series.
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Hello-Kitty-Kandi-Mask Kandigear-Spiderman-Kandi-Maskkd88pic1Glow-Kandi-Mask-Bead Kandi-mask-bead-monkeykandimask-blue-wolf Kandi-Mask-kandigear-BiohazardRage-Kandi-MaskRolling-Stones-Kandi-Bead-Mask,Kandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-maskKandi-mask
What ever your style, cute, scary, sexy, cool, we’ve got a kandi mask for you. These original Kandi Masks are proudly hand made in the United States of America, by our friends at KandiGear who have been spreading the love, one bead at a time for years now. Match it with some of the other awesome Kandi gear available. Such as their awesome bracelets, cuffs, fingerlets or necklaces. There’s a wide range of eye catching and matching festival and rave gear, so check them out!

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