LED Flashing Mouthpeice

LED Mouthpiece

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LED glowing Mouthpeice  This awesome multi colour flashing mouthpiece will have people double taking all night as you dance the night away with your own crazy light show. The LED Blinking mouthpiece is completely safe and easy to use. It is made of a soft non toxic rubber which fits easily the mouth. It has an easy to use on and off switch operation, which when activated turn your mouth into a spectacular alternating color light show, making your teeth look like a dazzling neon rainbow. This LED mouth piece is nice and small so it can not be seen when it is turned off, making it an awesome little party trick to surprise passes by at your next festival or rave. The already installed batteries make this item completely safe and doesn’t require potentially putting dangerous chemicals in your mouth that comes with glow sticks.
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LED Mouthpeice   LED-teeth   LED Flashing Mouthpeice

This Blinking LED mouthpiece is the perfect little trick to have up you sleeve at Festivals, Raves or any night event. Be sure to grab yours today, and check out our other unique LED and light up clothes and accessories here at Festival fanatics, and turn yourself into a real one of a kind Neon light up masterpiece! We have EL Wire shoelaces, LED Bangles, EL Wire masks, Huboptic Masks, El Wire Clothing, LED clothing, Plus UV Reactive tops and even UV reactive body paint! Light up sunglasses and shutter glasses as well as LED Rave toys like LED gloves and LED Poi! What ever your after, you’re sure to find something you and everyone will love, right here at festival fanatics!
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