Light Up Sunglasses

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light up frame glassesBe part of the light show at your next festival or rave with these awesome light up glasses! These EL wire glasses will last a massive 8-24 hours before the batteries will run out so you are sure to be able to dance the night away care free that your light show will come to an unwanted end. These glasses frames are black with clear lenses made specifically for night events. These light up glasses use a small battery pack (2xAA batteries) on the end of a 4 foot wire so that can be stored in your pocket or clipped to a belt. This is to ensure maximum battery life, unlike other light up glasses which use watch batteries and last 10-15 minutes. These glasses are also crafted to be extra durable, which is exactly what is needed at festivals or rave events.  These are by far the most durable EL Wire Glasses you will find. So much confidence is placed in these glasses that If they are broken due to regular use within 30 days, they will be replaced.
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  Light Up Sunglasses Glowing Sunglasses      Awesome Light Up Sunglasses

These glasses will not disappoint and are sure to turn heads. Be prepared to be getting props left, right and centre from these sick light up shade at your next event. Be sure to check out all the other light up clothing and accessories here at Festival Fanatics and turn yourself into your own unique light show masterpiece! We have a huge range of LED gear and EL Wire gear, check out the awesome new EL wire masks that are sure to impress! as well as glow in the dark gear, UV reactive tops and UV reactive body paint. What ever eye catching vibrant gear you are after, we’ve got you covered right here at festival fanatics!
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