Rave Mask

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Want to leave a lasting impression at your next festival or rave? Check out the huge range of awesome and freaky Rave Masks available here at festival fanatics! We have Gas mask style rave masks, Raver goggles, some really unique rave masks like you have never seen before. Check out the Bio Hazard Style Rave Mask, Our devil Horn gas Mask and our range or light up rave masks with inbuilt EL Wire creating a truly awesome effect when the sun goes down! These masks are all made from quality materials and are obviously non-toxic so you not need worry about wearing it all day. These Gas Mask style are sure to turn heads at your next festival or rave so grab one today. We have a huge range of other awesome raver gear to match, like out huge selection of Kandi Gear! Check out our awesome kandi masks, Kandi, bracelets, Kandi Cuffs, and Kandi Necklaces! We have everything from mens singlets to womens festival outfits so sit back and have a browse of our huge selection here at festival Fanatics!
Antique-Silver-Color-Industrial-Gas Bio-Hazard-Cyber-Punk Bullet-Spike Black and Yellow Dual Respirator Bio Hazard Gas Mask Blue UV Cyber Punk Gas Mask Dual Respirator Chemical Weapons Sign Tubes Single Respirator Gas Mask Cyber Industrial Full Gas Mask with Spikes Cyber Industrial Full Gas Mask with Spikes Devil Horn Industrial Spike Gas Mask Single Respirator Green Steam Punk Gas Mask Respirator Pcb Clog Bio Mechanical Heavy Metal Fat Horn Spike Full Gas Mask Industrial Bullet Spike Gas Mask Industrial Radiation Sign Spike Gas Mask Dual Respirator Japan Rising Sun Spike Gas Mask with Single Respirator Plasma Light Gas Mask with Single Respirator Sound Activated Red Tubes Syringe Spike Bio Hazard Gas Mask Dual Respirator Spike Bio Hazard Gas Mask Gothic Industrial Dual Respirator Steam Punk Gothic Cyber Punk Gas Mask Dual Respirator Bio-Hazard-Goggles Bio-Hazard-spike-mask biohazard-syringe-Mask Devil-Horn-Gas-Mask El-Wire-Gas-Mask