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Rave Festival Furry Spirit Hood2Check out These awesome Spirithoods, They come in a huge range including snow leopard, red wolf, grey wolf, the huskie, the super vibrant fair bear, Tiger, red fox, These spirithoods are the original and authentic spirit hoods, which do not harm animals in anyway in their production hence their slogan “Buy a spirit hood, Help an Animal” These Spirit hoods are super comfortable, made of 100% acrylic Faux Fur, and they are made in the United States in Los Angeles. You will be buying with your heart in the right place as SpiritHoods actively donates and works with non-profits and organizations dedicated to protecting the lives and habitats of the animals you buy.The Fur on these hoods feel absolutely amazing and the inside lining is a thinner and silkier material than the other hoods so it’s perfect for raves and wearing on pretty much any occasion. They have good ventilation so unlike the other hoods out there like them you won’t heat up and get too hot in them. Did we mention its amazingly soft! So much so that you will have to stop your self petting it once you feel what we are talking about. Don’t be surprised if you have a fan clubs of people trying to pat you at your next festival or rave of you are rocking one of these cuties. Why not match it with an awesome festival outfit and some of our awesome fluffies, Kandi Cuffs or other Kandi gear. There’s a massive range to choose from to mix and match into your own unique style here at Festival Fanatics.

SpiritHoods-Leopard Spirit-hood-Red-Fox Spirit-Hood-FAIR-BEAR Rave-Spirit-Hood Rabbit-Spirit-Hood Koala-Spirit-Hood Husky-Festival-Spirit-Hood