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sun-staches-sunglassesEver see those guys with luscious yet powerful man-locks straddling their lips and just wish that one day.. you could sprout such a manly facial feature, but with the convenience of that visual-man-proof being as easily removable as your sunglasses? Well… have we got something for you! Introducing the Sun-Staches – The all in one Sunglasses & Moustache removable Combo! Forget about spending Days, Weeks even months growing out an authentic moustache, only to find its both irritating the hell out of you and you storing three quarters of that mornings breakfast for other people to point out for you. No one wants that. The Moustache may be the new thing, but being a human food mops isn’t. Plus you won’t have to spend hours grooming your face handles. The Sun-Staches look awesome, feature a bad ass moustache, of varying styles, in the mood for handlebars today? Or the French tickler?  You decide. These Sun-Staches are perfect for festivals, concerts, raves or just as regular awesome sunnies. Who would have thought you could support movember when u can only glow baby fluff… now you can. Or if you were born a woman… but you have always desire to parade a kick ass mustache I mean what girl in her right mind wouldn’t? it’s a moustache! Whatever your reasons are for desiring your birthright to don a mustache, they’re now obsolete. Because now you can with ease. These Sun-staches are made of high quality materials, offer 100% UV400 Protection, so not only will you will be doing your on watching mustache fans a favor you will also be doing you eyes a solid! So grab an eye catching, props demanding pair today. Check out our other range of awesome festival and rave gear in store, We have festival outfits, Glow on the dark body paint, animal head masks, an awesome range of Deadmau5 merch and heaps more. Plus some awesome rave toys like our range of Poi, including fire Poi, LED Poi, and Practice Poi. What ever you are after your sure to find your festival fix right here at Festival Fanatics!