Things That Glow

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Turn yourself into the master of all that glows with our massive range of things that glow! We have just about everything that you can imagine that glows in store and a little bit more. We have glow sticks, glow batons, glow jewelry kits, electric flashing rave sticks, LED raver balls, Glow bracelets,  Glow LED rave and club toys including “the prismatic” – which was the 2012 club toy of the year! We have finger LED lights, Glow finger gloves, plus EL wire gear and clothing. If you don’t know what EL wire is by now, check out our massive range of awesome EL Wire clothing available in store! Everything from Bras to EL wire lit Fur Boas, Fur Boots, EL Wire caps, EL Wire Bras and jackets to even EL Wire shoelaces! Our massive range of things that glow is more than enough to deck yourself out to the max for your next festival or rave! Buy glow sticks by the dozen or by the hundred, because they are that affordable! Have a look at the rest of our awesome gear in store to match with the huge range of things that glow! Why not match with a sexy pair of fluffies or the super popular spirithoods! What ever you are after, you’re sure to find something you will absolutely love here at Festival Fanatics!

Check out all the awesome glow gear in store!
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