Awesome Masks

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Heading to your next festival bust something’s a miss? Want to stand out and really make an impression? Well here at Festival fanatics we’ve got something in store for you no matter what you style or tastes! Check out our amazing and massive range of awesome masks available. We have everything from cool, cute, creepy to freaky! There’s some super freaky stuff here if you are really wanting to weird people out. There’s the awesome Rorschach mask which amazingly just like in the movie Watchmen actually changes as you breathe (the fabric reacts with the heat of your breathe creating an ink changing effect) or there ancient Inca style face masks, Marvel Super heroes, Old men, Egyptian Goddess, Darth Vader, Halos Master Chief, Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, awesome Venetian style masks like the ones worn by the members of electronica group Royksopp, The V for Vendetta mask made famous in the Nicky Romero music video for Toulouse! Grab a bunch and recreate the infectious dancing carnage with your entire crew! What ever you are after you are sure to find something here to fit the occasion. Why not match your mask with some other awesome festival and rave gear available here. We have got a huge range of Singlets, Morph Suitskandi gear and Light up gear and accessories so sit back and have a browse at our huge collection here at festival fanatics!

Ancient-Face-Rave-Festival-Mask Ancient-Rave-Mask Batman-Joker-Clown-Mask Borderlands-mask  darth-Vader-mask Death-Mask-grim-reaper Golum-Mask Ironman-mask Old-Man-mask Preditor-Mask rorschach-mask Spiderman-mask UV-Reactive-Mask Venetian-Mask V-for-Vendetta-Mask-Tolouse White-plain-creepy-mask winter-soldier-mask