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Huboptic creates some of the coolest looking Light LED and EL Wire face masks, partial face masks, full helmets, and accessories in the world. These masks are awesome for parties, raves, electronic music festivals, etc.  They can be used by just about anyone, from stage dancers, to DJ’s to your everyday festival goer who wants to look totally bad ass. Some of these masks are even sound reactive creating an awesome effect as your mask comes to life to the beat of the music. These incredible masks and accessories are designed and created by Jorge Pong, are completely original and are not replicated by anyone else in the world. So you will know your look is unique to just you. These masks and accessories are designed and made in the USA. They are very lightweight and designed to be easily portable. So check out the awesome Huboptic gear available and have a look at all the other awesome gear its ready to be matched up with. We have a huge range of LED light up gear and EL Wire clothing that would go perfectly with a Hoboptic Mask. We have everything from EL wire jackets, to shoe laces and everything in between. So have a browse at the massive range of festival and rave gear available, here at Festival Fanatics!

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