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cheetah-MorphsuitThese awesome morphsuits are a perfect get ups for festivals, either as an individual or in groups. We have a huge range of awesome designs with crazy patterns and premium designs  or the standard color range to choose from. Theres so many different types (more than 70) that you are sure to be rockin an individual look to your next event. Mache one of the patterned styles such as the zebra, cheetah or tiger design with one of our awesome animal head masks for a real head turning lok that will be sure to get laughs  from your fans. Theres a massive range of non animal designs too, such as mummies, skinless style, pokadot. zombies, white tuxedos, black tuxedos, the very gangstar pinstripe tuxedo, checkered style, evil clowns, power rangers, csary monsters, glow in the dark skeletons, the super vibrant tie dye style, power ranger, US flag design and even go as a crash test dummy if you wish. What ever you are after you are sure to find a style that you will love. These all inm one body suits just have one zip up the back making them simple to get on and off easily. and they are super stretchy and breathable. You can even drink through the fabric without having to take the head off. The material is made of 13% Spandex  and 87% Polyester, especially designed for supeior stretch and comfort. From the inside you can see through the fabric even though others cant see in. Match it with one of our awesome animal head masks and turn yourself into a half man half animal to create an awesome and attention demanding outfit. As pictured in the photo above captured at Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Day and night club in Ibiza where it has done so with a zebra head and a zebra morph suit and a cheetah head and a cheetah morphsuit. There’s a reason why the morph suit craze has gone world wide, and we are confident you will absolutely love your new morphsuit how ever you rock it. So If you want to stand out from the crowd at your next festival rave or where ever you are, why not match one with a freaky animal mask or one of the many other accessories available here at festival fanatics and really stop people in their tracks where ever you decide to rock it! We have a huge range of other awesome festival and raver gear. From mens singlets, to Kandi Gear, Light up LED Gear and EL wire gear, Stash gear, plus a huge range of masks including animal head masks, rave masks, kandi masks, celebrity face masks, the incredible EL wire masks and Huboptic Masks and a whole bunch more awesome masks! What ever you are after you are sure to find something you will absolutely love, right here at festival fanatics!

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