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Secret-lighter-Stash-Pill-Box-CompartmentGot a few things you don’t want people to know about? We’ve all been there and we are here to help you out, not that we are endorsing the use of such items for anything illegal, but maybe you need your medication kept in a safe place, that’s all we are saying. We have a massive range of sneaky and effective stash gear ready hold whatever you require. We have stash clothing as well as awesome little container to keep your valuables safe. We have stash underwear and G Strings with hidden compartments and little capsules that could be hidden just about anywhere.   We have floppy fluid flasks that are made to be able to be discreetly hidden against the skin just about anywhere. Or maybe you want to hide your fluids or other goods in plain sight, for that we have the water and Pepsi bottle diversion containers which looks just like water or Pepsi bottles even containing the fluid! However there is a hidden compartment in the mid section of the bottle discreetly hidden by the water / Pespi label! We have Working lighters that have hidden compartments within to discreetly hold your valuables. We have Lip Stick hidden pill containers. Sunscreen that is actually a discreet flask, no one is going to deprive you of being sun smart! We have the awesome Wine rack which is basically a push up bra where the padding is filled with the fluid of your choosing! No one will ever check there! We have the Beer Belly, which is a fake gut, actually filled with the fluid of your choosing! Both the Wine Rack and Beer Belly have drinking tubes so you don’t even need to adjust anything to take a sip! We also have a wide range of other paraphernalia for grinding tobacco and herbs, and little snuff bullets. What ever you need, chances are we have probably got you sorted here at festival fanatics! While you are here why not check out our huge range of festival outfits, singlets for guys, and light up gear perfect for that next festival or rave!