The Importance of Attorney SEO for Law Firms

attorney seo

When it comes to attorney SEO, your website should be an excellent source of relevant content. The key to success is expert authority (EAT). It should include a biography of the attorney or legal professional who created the content. It should also explain what EAT is. In addition to EAT, you should have a blog where you publish new articles regularly. These are the main places to obtain links and press mentions for your law firm. This is important because many users look for information related to the law firm they are interested in.

The most effective attorney SEO services will slowly build the quality and authority of your website. In contrast, other forms of advertising provide a burst of activity and then become inactive. Lawyer SEO firms will provide steady web traffic that converts into new clients or cases. This is an extremely effective strategy for increasing law firm revenue. In fact, a large percentage of the traffic generated by attorney SEO is new business. That means an increased likelihood of closing a case, and increased client satisfaction.

Aside from a great website, attorney SEO helps your law firm’s visibility in the internet. According to a recent survey by Brandmuscle, 71 percent of consumers start their search on Google. A high-quality website will be able to attract prospective clients. They will be able to find you in the search results and make a phone call based on their information. If they find you on the first page of search results, your law firm will be the first one that pops up on their screen.